Fully convertible cot beds

A decent piece of furniture must withstand all these "tests" carried out by the developing child who will be getting heavier and stronger. Some other practical additions include: the side or bottom drawers, where you can hide sheets, blankets or toys. Finally, there are so called convertible beds, where you can remove the entire side (semi convertible cot beds) or two sides (fully convertible cot beds), effectively transforming the bed into a junior bed. This piece of furniture can serve as a single bed for an older toddler and "grow" with the child. The convertible cot bed will also allow parents to save money when the toddler grows a little and it’s time to buy a junior bed. Bonus tip: The placement of the cot bed is very important. It should not be near a window or a heater / radiator, and it should be positioned so that the child can see the door to the room when lying - it will increase its sense of security.